We stock a wide range of lawn care and weed control products

Everyone knows that weeds don’t need any encouragement to grow, so using the right product to keep them under control is essential.

Castle Douglas Garden Centre stocks a wide range of weedkillers to suit your specific requirements and our helpful, knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you in finding the best product for your specific needs.

For example, we stock products designed to tackle weeds in any situation on driveways, patios and paths and lawns, for example. If left untreated, weeds will take hold in any crack and eventually undermine your driveways and patios, whilst lawns damaged by weeds are unsightly.

Lawn weeds - typically clover, dandelions and plantain - can literally overrun whole areas of your lawn, but with the right product, you can help your lawn to fight back.

Our lawn feed products include Evergreen, designed to repair lawns. They include complete 4-in-1 which contains essential nutrients for lawns that encourage thicker lawn growth whilst killing weeds and moss at the same time.

Call in to Castle Douglas Garden Centre today on the Dalbeattie Road, Castle Douglas. And if you want to check if we have an item in stock, don't hesitate to call 01556 505871 or send an email to: info@castledouglasgardencentre.com.